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Motown Soul Style

One of my very favorite parts about living in LA is that there's no night which passes that you can't easily unearth an epic dance party. If my dance enthusiast friends and I had our way, we'd probably go out dancing every night of the week. But I usually reserve my fuel for a few specific nights. Motown Monday at the Short Stop in Echo Park being one of the most exceptional. Every monday, beneath a galaxy of disco balls, laser beams and paper lanterns that cast a universe of dizzying spinning cosmos on the dancefloor, you can find incredible mashups of of classic Motown, Soul, Funk and R&B jams, with a crowd of comrades who give ZERO FUCKS about dancing inhibitions. And my dance crews are no exception. We have an absolute blast boogieing the nights away, deep in our collective smiles, photo booth shenanigans and cardio exercise. As I've said, dancing is my very favorite form of creative expression. Dancing is THEE universal language that can break down social barriers with no words needed. It's a magical thing. And to dance in the company of your cherished friends is one of the greatest gifts in life. I truly believe that! I've met some of my very best friends and most influential people on the dance floor. FACT. Something about the shared art of dance that can enable an instant friendship before you even speak. It's an unspoken connection in positive emotion. It's the rhythm of another soul uninhibited that draws me in. It's moments of pure freedom and fun and the complete joy that comes with being fully present in the movements that fills me with love for the fellow humans that are in a raw enough state to feel the same. There is an indescribable magic that is dance in its purest state. So I go out dancing at the very least, once per week! It is food for the soul. If the music and mood is right, my body HAS to dance...I've never had a choice. Lucky for me, there's never a shortage of options or friends willing to join. What a life!

And of course, I love the fashion opportunities that come with a night out on the town. A fact about me, the 1970's is in my top three favorite decades for fashion. A little bit mod, a little bit glam, the long flowing lines, the exaggerated collars, the fantastic textile prints, the bold color palettes, the avant garde jewelry, the hair, the makeup, ALL OF IT...AND THE MUSIC! The 70's were cultural magic for so many reasons.

Motown Mondays bring out the best in me...and my wardrobe. Last night, I paired crepe, wide legged, high waisted gaucho trousers in a lavish tea rose pink, with a 1970's printed button up, complete with the excessively pointy collar and perfect equine inspired print that I just adore. A pair of 1970's heeled open toe leather sandals by Vaneli, chunky gold-tone chain link necklace and bracelet from the 80's, that match the feel of the shirt print and the hardware on the shoes. And a burgundy leather 1970's handbag by Etienne Aigner, with gold-tone hardware. And I just so happen to have a lipstick that perfectly matches the color of my trousers, which is deeply satisfying to my fashion neuroses.

Between the clothes, the incredibly deep cuts of obscure Motown mixed with extended versions of the classic hits, the revelry in freedom and youth between friends, it was and always is, the perfect night out. If you love to dance, come find us on the dance floor sometime, assured to expand your soul with the crowd's endlessly enthusiastic love of dance and music.

Yours truly,



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