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Weekend Sketch Collection

Sharing a few of my studies from this past weekend in which I did exactly 3 things: reading, eating and drawing. I'm constantly in awe of the fashion illustration legends like Rene Gruau, Henry Clive, Coby Whitmore, Jon Whitcomb, to name a few. I always say, the best way to learn to draw is to study the masters...

coby whitmore, fashion illustration, vintage fashion, vintage glamour, vintage style, vintage clothing
Study of a Coby Whitmore illustration

Studying the masters of your preferred genre/art movement is particularly helpful when you seem to be dredging through a soul sucking Groundhog's Day-like experience in the midst of a global pandemic, completely lacking in motivation, inspiration, and events in which to wear your most glamorous gowns. If I have no place but my apartment (aka: personal runway and dance floor) to wear my finest frocks, I'll at least sketch some flowing gowns and dream of those glamorous evenings I so relished in not too long ago.

For now, I suppose I'll keep sketching...

Yours truly,


rene gruau, fashion illustration
Study of a Rene Gruau illustration

*Both images drawn on an ipad using the Procreate app


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