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Experiencing the Allure of Vintage Clothing

A visual tour of A Current Affair Vintage Market

Three times per year, the most sensational vintage market comes to my neighborhood. Hosted in the light filled penthouse of the Cooper Design Space in downtown Los Angeles, A Current Affair vintage marked curates the best of the best vintage vendors all in one dangerously delicious array. Each year I go at least once, knowing full well that I'll need to be prepared to drop some serious coin on the most savory selection of the world's finest vintage. I've gone every year since living in LA and it never ceases to absolutely thrill my senses.

Whether you go with zero dollars, $50, or $20,000, you are sure to walk away pleased beyond words. Even if you're merely window shopping, or you're prepared to spend your life savings (worth it!), you'll find yourself in awe of the spectacularly beautiful selection of designer goods, avant-garde weirdness, dreamy delicates, and couture masterpieces.

Walking into the space is more like walking into a museum retrospective of the world's most luxurious garments, rather than walking into a shopping event.

In the past I've gone just for the photos alone, with hardly a penny in my bank account, and I still manage to have a ball. I become nearly feral at these events...ravenous to see and touch every thread of magic illuminated in the endless light of the massive room, buzzing with collective excitement. Vintage enthusiasts from all over the world fly in for this two day event. That being said, there is no lack of extraordinary sights to behold. This is one of my very favorite places to take photos. There is something so ethereal and romantic to me about photographing vintage clothing. The way it drapes, shimmers, moves, speaks silently the tales of the life it's lived. To try and capture that essence in a photograph is something I find wonderfully satisfying. To arrest the craftsmanship, the design, the superior quality of textiles and materials, the curation of the collections...It's all so remarkable! I'm left breathless time and time again.

A selection of the world's most luscious vintage...

If you'd like to experience the magic, sign up for A Current Affair's mailing list for access to the calendar of events.

Until next time, I'll sleep sweetly dreaming of vintage delights.

Yours truly,



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