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Museum Meets Vintage

It was my birthday last week, and all I wanted was art, clothes, good friends and relaxation. So of course part of my birthday weekend had to include going to see some art. Of all the glorious galleries and museums in Los Angeles, The Getty Center is likely the most iconic. Perched on a hill near Mulholland Drive, sits a compound of impeccably curated art works and an expansive grounds that house some truly unique architectural concepts. Any place that requires the use of a tram to reach the destination is something that I find so very charming. So up, up and away I went in this tiny train with a dear friend, ready to embark on a day of fine antiquity meets modern design.

And of course, I HAD to be adorned in some of my favorite cold weather vintage pieces. The ensemble seen here consists of several of my staples (staples being classic pieces that you can wear for the rest of your life and pair with almost anything). Staple #1 is one of my very favorite items in my entire collection, the 1970's Speedy 25 Louis Vuitton handbag. Because it is in monochromatic brown tones, it can be paired with virtually any other color. But my god, browns paired with greens and mustard yellows particularly, stikes my heart strings. The Speedy 25 also happens to appear to be the perfect size (I personally find many oversized handbags to be completely excessive and totally obnoxious to manage, as well as disproportionate). It's relatively small

but you can fit damn near anything in this Mary Poppins sized cavern. Truly remarkable!

So yes, of course, the 1970's Speedy 25 which I loved dearly from the start. Paired with one of my favorite pieces of jewelry, an oversized marbleized bakelite cuff bracelet in dark orange. A brown leather belt that matches the tones of the handbag. Statement earrings (ALWAYS) and the perfect shoes: mustard yellow suede kitten heels with the perfect pointed toe. Ohhhh, how many fabulous miles I've walked comfortably in these impeccable shoes!

As for the clothes, I'm wearing a pair of pleated, high waist trousers at cigarette length, in micro houndstooth print. They are TO DIE FOR! (A special thank you to the mastermind behind N.A.D. for these beauties). The trousers are just too perfect. They fit like a dream and are tailored as if they were made just for me. These, paired with a cashmere turtleneck bodysuit in beige. Yes. That's correct...a turtleneck bodysuit?! It may sound wrong, but it is so right. It fits like a dream, and of course I love bodysuits not only because they are remarkably sexy when the perfect trousers come off, but because they are designed to keep that perfectly polished, wrinkle free, tucked in look without you having to fuss over re-tucking in your blouse every time you stand up. How I hate that. The body suit allows you to move without having to constantly fidget and fight with your clothing, which I find so important. And of course, my adored wool cape in a deep green had to come out to play. It's from the 1940's and is still perfectly stylish and in perfect condition. My, how I'm spoiled to death by my wardrobe!

With the right staple pieces and the right sense of color schemes, you can achieve some truly classic looks. I'll post soon about color theories and how to understand it in the coming weeks. I so love adorning myself in endless browns and greens with pops of deep red or yellows. It's a color palette that has never done harm to the eyes upon it, and can always be relied on.

The Getty itself is a truly breathtaking landmark, filled to the brim with an unbelievable permanent collection, and always tasteful rotating exhibits. Some of my favorite parts were the Neoclassical French interiors and antiquities, the northern European Renaissance collection, the Greek and Roman statues (of course!), and the grounds themselves, filled with immaculate gardens, babbling brooks, outlandish and beautiful architecture, sculpture gardens, and of course, a breathtaking view of Los Angeles and the not so distant beach. Taking a day to explore this treasure is an investment in your sanity, your inspiration, your thirst for culture, and your all around well being, I assure you. Make art a priority in your life. It will expand your mind and light the fire of your creative spirit.

And don't forget to bring your sketchbook with you! Nothing pairs better with art than more art. And of course, a tasteful vintage outfit.

Yours truly,



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