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Let's Talk Talk!

Ashley Urban Muses about Style, Vintage Fashion, and Art; an Interview by Heather Von Fritz

I've long admired the stunning illustrations and thoughtful interviews by the ever-compelling Heather Von Fritz. In addition to creating unbelievably beautiful artwork, she's a champion of fellow artists and creatives. I'm honored to be featured in her Talk Talk journal; a well of inspiration, and goldmine for discovering under the radar artists.

Check out Heather's work:

Artist Website:

Instagram: @HeatherVonFritz

Additional Shoutouts:

Putting the 'Rad' in Colorado: The Leechpit / @leechpit

Forever the best restaurant in Hollywood: The Musso and Frank Grill / @mussoandfrankgrill

My love, Pierre: Pierre Cardin

Simply slays: Diana Vreeland

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Bryan Frederick
Bryan Frederick
18 thg 8, 2022

love love love. There is nothing better than a good old straight forward interview with honest feedback.

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