'The philosophy of the Ashley Urban brand is the belief that tasteful design and self awareness will save the world.'


As a savant of stylish living, I’ve learned that style and taste is not exclusive to the clothing we wear. Rather, it is the way we choose to curate our surroundings, the way we impact those around us, the lens through which we look at the world, and the rhythm of all of our creative choices. Style is storytelling through finding beauty, curiosity and inspiration everywhere. Through consciously treating all of our actions and choices as a work of art, we can spark awareness, growth and empathy within ourselves.

The brand vision is to promote mindful living through educating ourselves in good design, personal style development, self exploration, creative expression, finding joy in every day simplicities, and fostering the humility to never take one's self too seriously. I believe creativity, curiosity and inspiration is the path to healing, personal growth and leaving a positive impact on the world. My mission is to seek, share and promote as much of these values as possible. 

Much love, 

Ashley Urban - Founder

Photo by Allen Daniel

About The Founder...

My childhood was spent living deeply secluded within Pike National Forest of Colorado. Because of this I had to be creative with how I spent my time. My greatest pleasures were reading, creating art, and connecting with nature. Always intoxicated with its delicacies and dangers. My work and all aspects of my life are still deeply influenced by the natural realm.

Fine art has always been a way for me to speak without having to say anything. A means of channeling the harshness of life into something stunning. Through my work, I continually strive to reflect the immense amount of pain and beauty that surrounds us.

Style, fashion, photography, and appreciating the details of everyday life were skills that came as an evolution for me after I realized that solely creating fine art was not quenching my full creative thirst. So I've decided to build a brand which incorporates a little bit of everything I love.

I currently live, create and work in downtown Los Angeles.


Noteworthy Tidbits and Other Obsessions




Ravenous Daydreamer

Yoga Practitioner​

Renegade Seamstress

Compulsive Traveler

Cosmic Dancer

Music Connoisseur

Holistic Hippie

Plant & Flower Fixated

Mountain Child & Nature Worshiper 

The Brand Vision